GMC Bed Rack fits Sierra and all other models. Fitment years 2014 to 2022.

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Bed Rack Components: Base Plates (2) Side Uprights (6) Cross Members (3) Center Spines (2) Other options include center spines supports for smaller RTT’s. Also Includes four (4) Hybrid Molle Panels and Hardware kit for rack and molle panels.

Our Modular Platform allows you the freedom of multiple equipment configurations without having to change the bed rack system. Simply add parts, move panels or add attachments we offer to adjust the rack to your different needs, in other words, you can make it your own!

All bed rack components are made from steel. This allows us to create a sturdy bed rack system for your overlanding experience. We also have selected a premium powder coat finish for a worry free finish on all Ruff Rax manufactured parts..

Additional information

Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 28 × 18 in

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