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Water. H2O. It’s an essential element of life on this planet. And it’s an essential part of your life while traveling. When you hit the road, whether heading out on a weekend trip or headed across the country, you need to have a way to carry water in your rig. For all your water needs, our recommendation is the Waterport Weekender.

From cooking to cleaning to drinking, water is a necessary part of any camping, road tripping, or overlanding setup. And sure, you could buy a couple of gallon jugs from the grocery store, but one of our favorite pieces of gear provides you with far more than just a water jug.

The WaterPort Weekender is an 8-gallon water tank with self-pressurized water. It accomplishes all of your water needs while traveling. Plus, it easily mounts in a variety of places on your rig for easy access for showering, cleaning off mud, drinking water, and more.

How does the WaterPort Weekender work?

The WaterPort Weekender has everything you need to get it mounted and installed, filled, pressurized, and ready to use.

Once you have it mounted (see below for options for mounting) and installed on your vehicle, it’s time to install the on/off valve with a protection cover. Then it’s time to fill up your tank.

Fill it up with a standard garden hose or spigot and use the included fill valve to immediately pressurize your water. Or you can use the Schraeder valve and a compressor or bike pump to pressurize after filling. The Weekender should take about 2 minutes to completely fill with the included hose.

Once it’s filled and pressurized, attach the hose and high-pressure spray nozzle to the on/off valve, and get ready to get wet! The included nozzle has multiple settings, all good for different uses.

waterport weekender on truck cleaning off rubber boots
Image courtesy of Waterport

What can you use the WaterPort Weekender for?

The WaterPort Weekender works for pretty much everything you would think you need a water tank for, and more.

Do you spend a lot of time at the beach? Use the jet set to spray off the sand from your surfboards or rinse off your feet.

Spend a lot of time driving around in muddy, snowy, or dirty conditions? Spray off mud, salt, or dirt from your car with the jet setting.

Feeling dirty after a long day outside? Use the shower setting or center setting to take a shower right at your rig. The black material of the WaterPort tank soaks up the sun throughout the day to make a comfortable temperature for showering (although maybe not comfortable in the winter!). The center setting conserves water and lasts for up to 15 showers when the tank is full.

Hanging out with the family in the middle of the summer? Turn the Weekender nozzle to mist and cool everyone off. It’ll last for up to an hour on mist.

And of course, you can always use the WaterPort Weekender as drinking water. Just fill up your water bottle and hydrate away!

What are WaterPort tanks made out of?

One of the first questions we get when talking about our Weekender tank is, “what is it made of?”. People are rightfully nervous about what they’re drinking water is sitting in, so we reached out to WaterPort to learn more.

WaterPort says all of their tanks are made out of BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene plastic. They are also all black to attract sun and heat up your water for more comfortable showers.

How do you mount a WaterPort water tank?

There are many ways to mount your WaterPort Weekender water tank on your vehicle. And if none of the standard options work for you, WaterPort can help you create a custom way to mount your water tank.

The Weekender comes with mounting plates that allow you to mount the tank easily on crossbar racks, and platform racks. You can also purchase the hardware separately to mount your tank on the hitch or bed rails. You can also just leave it in the bed of your truck if you have space.

We prefer keeping our Weekender on the side or top of our vehicle because that’s the best position for setting up showers. However, you could mount the tank lower and still attach the nozzle head higher for a great shower.

Waterport weekender mounted on vehicle
Image courtesy of Waterport

For all your water needs

WaterPort tanks are worth the money, especially compared to similar products aimed towards showering while road-tripping. Because of the pressurization, multiple water settings, and ease of mounting, WaterPort water tanks are useful for so much more than just showering.
Now get out there and go get dirty!

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