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With something for every off-the-grid adventure lover

The days are getting shorter and the holiday season is upon us! It its time to start shopping for everyone on your list. This overlanding gift guide is a great place to start for anyone who loves off-the-grid travel. Although, we won’t blame you if you just add everything to your own “want” list!

Starting with the basics

What every new (and experienced) overlander wants this holiday. Whether you’re upgrading one they already own, or gifting the gear of their dreams, everyone who loves to adventure off the grid will be happy with one of these choices this holiday season. 

Hardshell Rooftop Tent

The basics to any overlanding adventure: a place to sleep. And this hardshell roof top tent is a sexy, high-quality option that any adventurer would be proud to rock on their rig. Built-in collaboration with 4×4 Colorado, this rooftop tent is built with high-quality materials. It fits two adults (and one child/furry friend) on the soft, memory foam mattress. 

The unique, wedge-shaped design allows for great airflow, plenty of headspace, and three huge windows. The built-in overhead gear storage includes a clear sleeve for iPad movie watching. Plus, you can mount your bike, ski, or luggage rack to the top of the tent for even more storage. 

Roof Rack

A roof or bed rack creates the skeleton of your overlanding setup. Without one, you can’t have a rooftop tent, add extra gear storage, or mount safety gear. Sure, it’s less fun than a rooftop tent or some of the other more “exciting” options on this list. But without one you’re stuck.

We currently sell a few different roof and bed racks for different trucks. We sell a rack for a Chevy Colorado and a Toyota Tundra

Rugged Cooler

If you go camping, whether or not you have a fully kitted-out overlanding rig, you need somewhere to keep your food. And a high-quality cooler is worth its weight in gold. Without one, you’re stuck bringing shelf-stable soup cans and no one wants that. With a rugged cooler from ROAM Adventure Co, your ice will last for multiple days, even in summer temperatures. 

This 65L cooler is the perfect size for a multi-day trip with the family. Fill it with drinks, steaks, and maybe a few veggies, and you’ll be set for gourmet eating the whole time you’re adventuring. 

Safety First

Once you got the basics down, the next step is making sure you are safe. And with overlanding, safety often means having the tools and skills to get yourself out of challenging and potentially dangerous situations. Being self sufficient is one of the best ways to have a successful off-the-grid adventure. 

These are some of our suggestions to start building your recovery kit or supplement what you already have. 

Krazy Beaver Shovel

Anyone who drives off the highway needs an overlanding shovel. From digging your rig out of a snowbank to leveling out a section of road, a durable shovel will, at the very least, make your life a lot easier. The Krazy Beaver Shovel is the most rugged and durable overlanding shovel on the market.

The Krazy Beaver Shovel is made out of heavy-duty 13 gauge heat-treated tempered steel. The steel is twice as thick as a normal residential shovel. And the steel head has nine reinforced teeth that cut through roots and ice. Those tough teeth can help dig your rig out of many sticky situations.

Air Compressor

Airing down your tires can help gain traction on slippery, rocky, and loose surfaces — which are common to encounter when driving offroad. It’s recommended to air down your tires about 25% for moderate offroad trails, and up to 35% for aggressive and rocky trails. 

But what happens when you get back to the highway? Underinflated tires can cause tire failure, wear significantly faster, and reduce fuel efficiency. So you need to be ready to inflate your tires as soon as you get back to the pavement. This dual motor air compressor paired with the Universal 4 Tire Inflation System makes that easy. 

Traction Boards

Another rescue tool that’s easy to keep on hand are traction boards. I’ve used my traction boards many times to get myself out of snowbanks, cross ditches, and to create traction in deep sand and mud. They’re such a simple tool but work in so many stressful situations. 

Especially if you are overlanding in a rig that isn’t designed to be off-road (anything other than a truck or Jeep), or have tires that are primarily designed for pavement, traction boards are a great way to add extra traction when you really need it.

Live Comfortably

If you already have pretty much everything an overlander could want, it’s time to branch out from the basics. These gift suggestions take an already practical rig and make it somewhere you’d never want to leave. They go above and beyond what you “need”. But these suggestions are so useful that there’s no reason to not add them to your setup. 

Pressurized Water Jug

This pressurized water jug replaces that old 7 gallon blue square thing that you’ve been holding on to for years. It mounts to the top of your rig for easy storage. Plus, the pressurized water feature allows you to spray mud off your truck, sand off your kayak or surfboard, and even take showers while on the road. And of course, it works for drinking water as well. 

Sun Awning

Feeling boxed in by your rooftop tent? It’s time to get an awning for your rig. It creates the perfect hangout area that protects from sun and rain. Plus you can also purchase walls and a floor if you want a fully protected extra room. Use it to host dinners, as a mobile office, or just as a hangout area.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re just getting started, or you have everything an overlander could want, there’s something on this list for everyone who loves off-the-grid adventure. This overlanding gift guide will help you choose the right gifts for your adventurous friends and family. Or find a little something special for yourself!  Because you deserve to get outside as comfortably and safe as possible. 

Happy holidays Overlanders!

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