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JEH Outdoors is now collaborating with Hennessey Performance vehicles by creating and sourcing overlanding starter kits. 

Hennessey now offers an overland upgrade for the Dodge Ram TRX ‘Mammoth 900’, ‘Mammoth 1000’, and the Ford F150 Raptor.

The Hennessey upgraded Mammoth 1000 features an 1000 horsepower engine, an upgraded high-flow Supercharger system, Supercharger rear and front drive pulley upgrade, upgraded thermostat, and more.

For the overland upgrade, JEH provides a high-quality bed rack, rooftop tent, shovel, water tank, gas tanks, awning, and other accessories to create a functional and versatile overlanding rig out of the box. 

JEH Outdoors works with commercial partners and individuals to provide highly customizable recommendations for the perfect overlanding setup. Our recommendations are based in personal experience and deep knowledge of overlanding equipment. We are able to cooperate with specific personalized requests to get you what you need. 

JEH is more than just a place to buy your gear. We are your partner for each step of building your own personalized overlanding rig. Just get on the phone with us, and we’ll help you choose what you need. 

Through education based on rigorous testing and personal use, JEH will help you create your perfect overlanding kit. 

But if you’re ready for the best of the best, or you’re wondering what we include in our Hennessey Overlanding Upgrade kit, here’s what’s in each kit. 

Hennessey Overlanding Upgrade

Bed Rack – Raptor & Ram TRX

A roof or bed rack creates the skeleton of your overlanding setup. Without one, you can’t have a rooftop tent, add extra gear storage, or mount safety gear. This bed rack is the one that JEH’s founder uses on his own truck. It’s modular and creates a great platform to build off of. 

Roof Top Tent

The basics to any overlanding adventure: a place to sleep. And this hardshell roof top tent is a high-quality option that any adventurer would be proud to rock on their rig. Built-in collaboration with 4×4 Colorado, this rooftop tent is built with high-quality materials. It fits two adults (and one child/furry friend) on the soft, memory foam mattress. 

Rotopax Gas Tank

Extra gas saves the day. If not for you, someone stranded on a back road will be incredibly grateful for your extra gas tank. And the three gallon tank provides the extra security you need when heading off road. 

55” Awning

This 55” awning creates the perfect hangout area that protects from sun and rain. Plus, it creates extra space for the whole family to hang out. Stop being boxed into the tent in inclement weather. Use it to host dinners, as a mobile office, or just as a hangout area.

Rotopax Water Tank

Water is necessary to live, and if you’re going to be traveling off the grid for more than one day (or even a long day), you’ll need to bring extra water. This two gallon tank mounts easily to your truck. Or it can be carried inside and includes a gasket to ensure the spout won’t leak or vibrate loose. 


Anyone who drives off the highway needs an overlanding shovel. Dig your rig out of a snowbank or level out a section of road. A durable shovel will, at the very least, make your life a lot easier. The Krazy Beaver Shovel is the most rugged and durable overlanding shovel on the market.


There are so many reasons to keep an axe in your overlanding kit. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to make a fire and having nothing smaller than a thigh-sized log. Keep this axe strapped to your truck and you’re ready to cut down deadfall that crosses your path, start a fire, and more. 

Accessories: Rock Lights, Locking Grips, Riser, Mounts, Grab Handles

All of these accessories complete the kit to mount your gear and feel safe and secure in your vehicle. Add rock lights to illuminate the inside or outside of your rig and grab handles to make it easier and safer to access your roof rack. 

Custom overlanding package just for you

If you’re ready for a new rig kitted out with all the essentials, head over Hennessey to inquire about their ready to go trucks.

But if you’re happy with the vehicle you have now, we can create your very own custom package to make the overlanding rig of your dreams. 

Come to JEH Outdoors for more than just a roof rack. Let us be your one-stop shop for everything overlanding, and we’ll teach you what you need, how to use it, and be there time after time whenever you need anything.

Give us a call today at 1 (833) 599-9100 or email us at to get started.

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